What Font Does CNN Use? Uncovering the Typography Behind the News

Ever wondered what font your favorite news outlet is using? Well, today we’re diving into what font does CNN use. As one of the most trusted news sources in America, CNN has been keeping the public informed on current events for over 40 years. However, they wouldn’t be the iconic brand we know without their sleek and professional font choice.

CNN’s font selection is nothing short of iconic. At a glance, you can spot their logo from a mile away. But, have you ever considered what that font is? CNN has been using a custom designed font by the type design agency, Commercial Type, since 2016. The font is a bold and tall sans-serif called “CNN Sans,” and it’s specifically tailored for the brand. It’s designed to be easily read on screens, in print, and across all media channels.

While fonts may not seem like a big deal, they play a critical role in the essence of a brand. CNN’s font choice is a reflection of their reputation as a credible and reliable news source. It’s a bold yet classic font that commands attention and trust. Next time you tune into CNN, take a closer look at their font choice and see why it’s so memorable and impactful.

Font style and brand identity

The font style used by CNN plays an important role in establishing its brand identity. The choice of font is a subtle but influential factor when it comes to creating a consistent look and feel for the brand. CNN uses a font called “CNN Sans” which was developed in-house by the design team. It was created specifically to reflect the look and feel of the brand and is an integral part of CNN’s overall identity.

The use of a unique font style is important in creating a strong brand identity. By using a custom font, CNN is able to differentiate itself from competitors and establish a consistent visual language that reflects its values, style, and tone. The font serves as a key element in creating recognizability and trustworthiness for a brand.

Why font style matters for brand identity

  • Font choice reflects brand personality.
  • Consistent use of font creates brand recognizability.
  • Font selection influences the tone and mood of the content.

The development of CNN Sans

CNN Sans was created by the design team at CNN as a way to establish a consistent look and feel across all platforms and touchpoints. The team aimed to create a font that was clean and modern, but also approachable and friendly. The font features rounded edges and curves, which reflect the friendly and approachable tone of CNN’s content. The font also reflects the technological advancements that are an integral part of the news industry.

Creating a custom font is an involved process that requires a lot of thought and consideration. The design team at CNN worked closely with type designers to develop a font that truly reflected the brand’s values and style. The result is a font that is not only visually pleasing, but also serves to strengthen the overall identity of the brand.

A look at CNN Sans

Style Font weight Size
Headlines Heavy 48px
Subheadlines Medium 24px
Body text Regular 16px

The font is used across all platforms and touchpoints, from the website to social media and mobile apps. The font is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways without compromising the overall brand identity. The use of CNN Sans has become an essential part of the brand’s visual language, and is a testament to the importance of font choice in creating a strong and consistent brand identity.

Typography and media credibility

In the world of media, typography plays a crucial role in establishing credibility. It is not just about choosing a font that looks good but also about selecting a typeface that reflects the personality of the media brand and its core values. CNN is a household name in the media industry, and their typography plays a significant role in building their credibility.

The importance of typography

  • Typography is the cornerstone of any design project, including media brands.
  • The right typography can evoke emotions, set the tone and build trust with the audience.
  • Typography affects how people perceive and respond to information, ultimately impacting their decision-making process.

CNN’s typography

CNN uses an exclusive typeface called CNN Sans, which is a customized version of the popular font called Helvetica. CNN Sans is a clean, modern, and straightforward font that reflects the brand’s personality and values. The font is designed to be easily recognizable, even in small sizes and challenging backgrounds, making it suitable for various media formats.

The use of CNN Sans is a part of the media giant’s overall branding strategy, and it has proved to be highly effective. The font conveys a sense of gravitas and authority, which enhances the credibility of the content presented by CNN.


In conclusion, typography is critical in building the credibility of any media brand, and CNN Sans is an excellent example of how typography can be used to aid in this process. CNN’s use of the font has contributed to establishing the company as a reputable and authoritative source in the media industry.

Subtopics Description
The importance of typography Typography is fundamental in design and can impact the way people perceive information.
CNN’s typography CNN Sans reflects the brand’s personality and values and enhances the credibility of the content.
Conclusion Typography is crucial in building media credibility, and CNN Sans is an excellent example of typography’s usefulness in branding.

Overall, CNN’s typography strategy has contributed to the media giant’s continued success, and it serves as a testament to the importance of typography in establishing and maintaining credibility in the media industry.

The Importance of Font Selection in News Broadcasting

News broadcasting is a highly competitive industry where every detail counts, including the choice of fonts. Fonts have the power to convey a message and influence the audience’s perception of news content. Therefore, selecting the right font is crucial for news outlets to establish their brand identity, attract viewership, and maintain credibility.

Factors to Consider in Font Selection

  • Readability: The primary objective of news broadcasting is to convey information to the audience effectively. Therefore, the font selected must have a high level of legibility to ensure that viewers can read the content with ease.
  • Brand Identity: Fonts are a critical aspect of brand identity, and news outlets must choose fonts that align with their brand image and message.
  • Mood: The chosen font conveys the mood of the content. For instance, a news story about a tragic event may warrant a serious font to convey the gravity of the situation.

Fonts Used by CNN

CNN is a leading news outlet that has established its brand identity through its choice of fonts. CNN uses a custom font called ‘CNN Sans,’ which was created by the company’s in-house design team in partnership with typeface design firm, Commercial Type.

The CNN Sans font embodies the values of the news organization. The font is clean, modern and has a high level of legibility. CNN Sans has been used across all digital and print platforms, including news tickers, headlines, and captions. The font’s design has also been optimized for mobile devices to ensure that viewers can access content on the go.


The importance of font selection in news broadcasting cannot be overstated. News outlets must select fonts that align with their brand identity, convey the mood of the content and have high readability. CNN’s use of CNN Sans showcases the power of font selection in establishing brand identity and maintaining credibility.

Factors to Consider Importance
Readability High
Brand Identity High
Mood Medium

*Table 1: Factors to Consider in Font Selection for News Broadcasting*

CNN’s Font Evolution Over the Years

Font is an important aspect of a news organization’s identity, and CNN is no exception. Over the years, CNN has gone through several font changes to keep up with changing trends and stay fresh in a competitive market. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of CNN’s font.

CNN’s Early Fonts

  • CNN’s original font was a serif font called Times, which was widely used at the time.
  • In 1980, CNN introduced a new logo and font, which was a bold sans-serif font with a heavy square serif on the “C”.
  • In the late 1980s, CNN introduced a new font called CNN Engraved, which was a modified version of Clarendon, a slab-serif font.

CNN’s Modern Fonts

In 1996, CNN underwent a major redesign, introducing a new logo and font. The font was specifically designed for CNN and was a variation of a square sans-serif font called Helvetica. The new logo and font were more modern and minimalistic.

In 2014, CNN decided to change its logo and font again. The new font was a custom-designed sans-serif font called CNN Sans, which was designed to be clean, modern, and easily readable across all platforms. CNN also introduced a new color scheme to go with the new logo and font.

CNN’s Font in Digital Media

The use of fonts in digital media is crucial, and CNN has been at the forefront of adapting its font to different platforms. In 2019, CNN launched a new digital platform that included a new font called CNN Sans Digital. This font was specifically designed for mobile devices and was optimized to be easily readable on small screens.

Year Logo Font
1980s Bold, sans-serif Square sans-serif with heavy serif on “C”
Late 1980s Red, white, and blue flag CNN Engraved, a modified version of Clarendon
1996 New logo with sweeping red line CNN Sans, a variation of Helvetica
2014 New red box logo CNN Sans, a custom-designed sans-serif font

CNN’s font has come a long way over the years, from the traditional serif font used in its early years to the modern and minimalistic sans-serif font used today. CNN has always been at the forefront of adapting its font to different mediums, and the introduction of CNN Sans Digital is a testament to its commitment to staying relevant in the ever-changing world of digital media.

Balancing Readability and Aesthetic Appeal in Font Choice

Selecting the right font for a news website like CNN can be a daunting task. The font needs to be easy to read while maintaining a high level of readability, given the diverse audience and the wide range of devices used to consume their content. Balancing readability and aesthetic appeal in font choice is the key to creating an engaging and immersive reading experience for the audience.

Factors to Consider in Font Choice

  • Legibility – The font should be easy to read regardless of its size or style. This means that the letterforms should be clear and distinct.
  • Context – Consider the context and the tone of the content that the font will be used for. Different fonts have different personalities and convey different emotions. For instance, a font that’s suitable for a serious news article may not be appropriate for a light-hearted feature.
  • Brand Image – The font used by the website should reflect the brand image and be consistent across all channels. This helps in building brand recognition and setting the website apart from the competition.

The Font Choice of CNN

CNN uses a combination of two fonts: “CNN Sans” and “CNN Serif.” These fonts were developed in collaboration between CNN and the typeface design company, “Commercial Type.” CNN Sans is used for headlines, subheadings, and captions whereas CNN Serif is used for the body text to give a more traditional and trustworthy feel.

CNN Sans is a geometric sans-serif with a sculptural quality that’s versatile and legible in various situations. It has a sleek, modern design that is suited for CNN’s image as a forward-thinking news outlet.

Font Name Category Characteristics
CNN Sans Sans-serif Versatile, legible, sleek, modern
CNN Serif Serif Traditional, trustworthy

The combination of these fonts creates a harmonious visual balance between readability and aesthetic appeal. The use of two different fonts also helps in breaking up the monotony of a long article and adds visual interest to the content.

The Impact of Font Size and Spacing on Viewer Engagement

When it comes to presenting news to viewers, font size and spacing play crucial roles in engaging the audience. Here, we discuss the ways in which these factors impact viewer engagement.

Font Size

  • Large font size is used to emphasize important headlines and captions that are designed to catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Small font size is used for body text as it helps to increase reading speed and makes it easier for viewers to take in large chunks of information.
  • The right balance between font size and readability is critical in ensuring that viewers can read and understand the news presented.


Line spacing, margins, and letter spacing play important roles in the readability and engagement of news presentations.

  • Adequate line spacing ensures that there is enough space between lines of text, making the content easier to read.
  • Margins help to break up the text and give the eyes a break after reading through large chunks of information.
  • Letter spacing is important because it allows words to be separated clearly, making it easier for readers to distinguish between them.

The Impact of Font and Spacing on News Website Design

When designing news websites, font and spacing are critical design elements that need to be considered. The following table summarizes the impact of font and spacing on viewer engagement for news website design:

Design Element Impact on Viewer Engagement
Font Size Large font size is used to draw attention to important headlines and captions, whereas small font size is used to increase reading speed and help viewers take in large amounts of information.
Spacing Adequate line spacing, margins, and letter spacing are all critical in ensuring that content is easy to read and understand.

By striking the perfect balance between font size and spacing, viewers can fully engage with the news presented to them. Without these essential design elements, even the most important news stories may fall flat and be overlooked by readers.

Custom vs. Pre-Existing Fonts in News Branding

Choosing the right font for a news brand is crucial in conveying the right message to the audience. CNN, being one of the most trusted and oldest news networks in the world, has a lot to consider in terms of font selection. One major decision to make is whether to use a custom or pre-existing font for their branding.

  • Custom Fonts: Using a custom font allows news networks like CNN to stand out and make a unique statement. A custom font can be tailored to the brand’s personality and identity, creating a cohesive look and feel across all media platforms. However, creating a custom font can be an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • Pre-existing Fonts: Choosing a pre-existing font can save time and money in the branding process. There are many fonts widely available that can still be unique and specific to the brand’s messaging. These fonts can also be easily accessible to all designers and contributors working on the brand, creating consistency. However, pre-existing fonts can also be overused and less distinctive amongst other news networks.

When it comes to CNN, they have decided to use a pre-existing font for their branding – a font called CNN Sans. The font was designed by typeface agency, Commercial Type and was created specifically for the news giant. CNN Sans was developed in collaboration with CNN’s brand team and design firm, Wolff Olins. The font is used across all CNN’s worldwide TV networks, websites, and social media channels, creating a consistent-looking brand identity.

Pros of using CNN Sans: Cons of using CNN Sans:
– Easily recognizable and associated with CNN
– Developed for use in digital media, making it versatile
– Multiple weights available for flexibility in design
– May lack uniqueness compared to a custom font
– Overused in media and advertising industry
– No exclusive rights to the font

In conclusion, choosing the right font for a news brand is essential in communicating the right message to the audience. The decision to use a custom or pre-existing font will depend on the brand’s personality, identity, and budget. However, with a pre-existing font like CNN Sans, a news brand like CNN can create a consistent identity across all platforms easily and efficiently.

What font does CNN use?

1. What is the CNN logo font?
The CNN logo font is called CNN Sans, which was specifically tailored for the news organization.

2. Is CNN Sans a free font?
No, CNN Sans is a proprietary font that was created exclusively for CNN.

3. Can I download the CNN Sans font?
No, CNN Sans is not available for download as it is a proprietary font.

4. What type of font is CNN Sans?
CNN Sans is a modern sans-serif font.

5. Who designed the CNN Sans font?
The CNN Sans font was designed by the type foundry, Commercial Type.

6. Does CNN use any other fonts?
Yes, CNN uses other fonts besides CNN Sans, such as Arial, Georgia, and Helvetica, depending on the context.

7. Why did CNN choose CNN Sans?
CNN Sans was designed to convey trust, clarity, and authority, which are all important qualities for a news organization.

Closing Thoughts: Thanks for Reading!

Now that you know more about the font that CNN uses, you can appreciate how it contributes to the overall brand of the news organization. By choosing CNN Sans, CNN has focused on creating a modern and professional look to instill trust and reliability within its viewers. Thanks for reading and be sure to visit again later for more interesting topics!