What Camera Does Jaclyn Hill Use? Discover Jaclyn Hill’s Favorite Camera

If you’re an avid makeup lover and beauty enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the name Jaclyn Hill. The highly successful beauty influencer, famous for her stunning makeup tutorials and viral makeup collaborations, has amassed millions of followers on her social media platforms. And if you’re curious about how she captures those flawless looks so perfectly, you might be wondering what camera does Jaclyn Hill use for her content creation needs.

Well, wonder no more. Jaclyn Hill is known to be pretty candid when it comes to the equipment she uses to create her content, and thankfully, she’s shared which camera she prefers to work with. As one of the most sought-after beauty influencers in the industry, it’s no surprise that she needs a high-quality camera that can capture every detail of her makeup looks with precision and clarity.

So, what camera does Jaclyn Hill use? Without further ado, the beauty maven’s go-to camera of choice is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. This professional-grade camera is designed for advanced photographers and videographers who demand only the best in image quality and performance. But what makes this camera stand out from the rest? Let’s dive into the specs and find out.

Jaclyn Hill’s Favorite Camera Brands

Jaclyn Hill, a popular beauty influencer and YouTuber, is known for her high-quality content that showcases her makeup looks and tutorials. Her videos have been praised for their incredible visuals and crisp quality. It’s no secret that the camera you use plays a major role in the final output of your content. In this blog post, we will explore the camera brands Jaclyn Hill prefers.

  • Sony: Sony has been Jaclyn Hill’s go-to brand for a while now. She has been frequently seen using the Sony a7R III camera. This camera is a perfect blend of ultra-high resolution and speedy performance. Its autofocus system and image stabilization features make it ideal for capturing the perfect shot, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Canon: Canon is another great brand that Jaclyn Hill trusts for her vlogging and photography needs. She revealed in a YouTube video that she uses the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II for her vlogs. Its compact size and excellent autofocus system make the camera easy to use and carry around.
  • Panasonic: The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is another camera that Jaclyn Hill has used in the past. Its 4K video capabilities and high-speed autofocus system make it popular among many vloggers. It is also designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it perfect for outdoor shoots.

There you have it. These are some of the camera brands that Jaclyn Hill trusts to help her create high-quality content. Whether you’re a beauty influencer or just starting out in the vlogging world, it’s important to invest in a good camera that meets your needs and suits your style.

Benefits of using a professional camera for vlogging

Vlogging has become increasingly popular over the years, and with the advancement of technology, it is now more accessible than ever for individuals to start their own channels. While smartphones have made it possible to capture decent quality videos, using a professional camera can take your vlogging game to the next level. Here are a few benefits of using a professional camera for vlogging:

  • Higher quality footage: Professional cameras are designed to capture high-quality footage that can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your videos. As a result, your content will look more polished and professional, which can attract more viewers and create a loyal following.
  • Greater flexibility: Professional cameras offer greater flexibility when it comes to different settings such as exposure, shutter speed, and aperture. This flexibility allows you to capture footage in a variety of lighting situations and create the perfect shot for your content.
  • Improved audio quality: Most professional cameras come with better audio recording capabilities than smartphones or other portable cameras. This means that your videos will have clearer and crisper sound quality, which can improve viewer engagement and retention.

Elevating your content with professional equipment

If you’re serious about vlogging and building a loyal following, investing in professional equipment should be a top priority. While it may seem like a significant upfront cost, the benefits of using professional-grade cameras can make a massive difference in the quality of your content and attract more viewers. Additionally, using professional equipment demonstrates a level of commitment and professionalism that can set you apart from other vloggers and increase your credibility in the industry.

Brand Model Price
Sony A7 III $1,999.99
Canon EOS R $2,299.00
Panasonic Lumix GH5 $1,997.99

There are a variety of professional cameras available on the market that can fit different budgets and needs. Some popular options among vloggers include the Sony A7 III, Canon EOS R, and Panasonic Lumix GH5. These cameras offer high-quality footage, flexibility, and improved audio quality that can significantly enhance your vlogging content.

Jaclyn Hill’s Preferred Camera Lenses for Vlogging

As a successful vlogger and makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill knows the importance of having the right equipment to showcase her work. One of the key elements of her setup is her choice of camera lenses. Here are the top three lenses that Jaclyn Hill prefers to use for vlogging:

  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens: This lens is a staple in Jaclyn Hill’s kit, as it produces a sharp focus on the subject with a beautiful blurred background. It’s also great for low-light situations and has a versatile aperture range for those looking to experiment with bokeh effects.
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens: For wider-angle shots, Jaclyn Hill often uses the EF 24-70mm lens. With its fast aperture and superior image quality, it’s an excellent all-purpose lens that is perfect for capturing anything from sweeping landscapes to intimate portraits.
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens: This telephoto zoom lens is another favorite of Jaclyn Hill’s for capturing close-up details while vlogging. With its fast autofocus, sharp images, and image stabilization features, it’s a versatile lens that can handle a wide range of situations.

While these three lenses are Jaclyn Hill’s go-to picks, she is known to experiment with other lenses as well to achieve different effects for her vlogs. Whether it’s a prime lens for more natural-looking shots or a fish-eye lens for a unique perspective, she’s always on the lookout for new gear that can take her vlogs to the next level.

Tips for taking high-quality videos like Jaclyn Hill

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across Jaclyn Hill’s videos while looking for inspiration, tips, or reviews. Her makeup tutorials and product reviews are often accompanied by stunning shots and videos that are crystal clear and beautifully lit. Here are some tips on how you can create high-quality videos like Jaclyn Hill:

  • Invest in a high-quality camera – A high-quality camera is essential for creating stunning makeup tutorial videos. Jaclyn Hill uses the Canon 70D, which is a popular choice for beauty vloggers. Its autofocus feature allows her to stay in focus while she moves around, applying makeup. However, if you’re just starting out, a phone camera with a good resolution can work too.
  • Choose the right lighting – Good lighting is key to creating high-quality videos like Jaclyn Hill. You want your viewers to see your makeup clearly, and not be distracted by poor lighting. Natural light is great, but if that’s not an option, invest in softbox lights or ring lights. Jaclyn Hill uses softbox lights from eBay and has a ring light from Diva Ring Light.
  • Shoot in high definition – Shooting in high definition ensures that your videos are of high quality and look good on any device. Jaclyn Hill shoots her videos in 1080p HD resolution, which makes her videos look professional and polished.

Here’s a breakdown of the camera and equipment that Jaclyn Hill uses to create her high-quality videos.

Equipment Brand Link to buy
Camera Canon 70D Amazon link
Lens Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens for Canon Amazon link
Softbox lights Ebay Ebay link
Ring light Diva Ring Light Diva Ring Light link

With these tips and equipment, you can begin taking high-quality makeup tutorial videos like Jaclyn Hill and take your content to the next level.

How to choose the best camera for vlogging

Vlogging has gained popularity over the years as a means of sharing content with the world through video. As a vlogger, it is important to have the best camera to produce high-quality content. Here are some tips on how to choose the best camera for vlogging:

  • Consider the type of vlogs you want to produce. Do you plan on filming action or adventure content, or will you mostly be filming yourself talking in front of the camera? Different types of vlogs require different camera features.
  • Look for a camera with a flip screen. This allows you to see yourself while filming, ensuring that you are in the frame and in focus.
  • Find a camera with good autofocus. You don’t want to waste time manually focusing your shots, and having a camera that can keep you in focus as you move around is crucial.

Aside from these general considerations, it’s also important to pay attention to the specific features that cameras offer. Here are some popular options that you should consider:

If you’re looking for a great camera like Jaclyn Hill uses, you might want to check out the Sony Alpha a6400. This camera has become a favorite of many vloggers due to its advanced autofocus, flip-out screen, and high-quality video. Another option is the Canon EOS M50, which offers great image quality and a compact design.

Here’s a breakdown of some features to look out for in a vlogging camera:

Feature Explanation
Low Light Performance The ability to shoot in low light conditions without getting too much noise or aberrations
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Helps stabilize shaky footage and produce smoother shots
External Microphone Input Allows you to upgrade your audio recording quality with an external microphone
High Frame Rates (HFR) Enables you to shoot slow-motion footage with a higher number of frames per second

Take time to research and compare different camera models. Your budget, vlogging style, and personal preferences will ultimately determine which camera is the best for you. Keep in mind that the camera is just a tool, and your creativity and content will ultimately make your vlogs stand out!

The Importance of Lighting in Jaclyn Hill’s Vlogs

One of the main reasons Jaclyn Hill’s vlogs have a professional and polished look is due to the lighting. Good lighting can make or break a video, and Jaclyn is known to prioritize it. Here are some reasons why:

  • Creates a clear image: Lighting helps to illuminate the subject and ensure that they are clearly visible to the audience. Without proper lighting, the video can appear grainy or pixelated, which can be frustrating for viewers.
  • Sets the mood: The right lighting can create a mood or atmosphere for the video. For instance, a cool-toned lighting can set a calm and relaxing mood, while a warm-toned one can create a sense of warmth and intimacy.
  • Highlights details: Proper lighting can bring out the details in products or subjects, making them visually appealing and appealing to the eye.

Knowing the importance of lighting, Jaclyn uses a combination of natural light and artificial lighting to create a well-lit video. She often records her videos with natural light, but also uses ring lights and softbox lights to enhance the lighting conditions. On top of that, she makes sure to control the lighting environment by filming in a well-lit room and making use of diffusers to soften any harsh lighting. With her attention to detail, the lighting in her videos is always top-notch.

If you’re looking to create your own professional-looking videos, remember that lighting is key. Play around with natural light, invest in artificial lighting, and be intentional with the lighting environment to make your videos stand out.

Lighting Equipment Jaclyn Hill Uses: Description:
Ring Light A circular light that attaches to the camera and creates a soft and even light on the subject.
Softbox Light A rectangular light that is designed to create even and soft illumination on the subject.
Diffuser A device that is used to soften and disperse the light, creating a more flattering and natural look.

These are just some of the lighting equipment Jaclyn Hill uses to create her stunning videos.

Comparison of Jaclyn Hill’s camera equipment over the years

Jaclyn Hill started her YouTube career with a humble camera setup, but as her channel grew, she invested in better equipment to produce higher quality content. Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of her camera equipment over the years.

Early Years: Canon Vixia HF R500 Camcorder

  • 720p video quality
  • Built-in microphone
  • No interchangeable lenses

In the early days of her channel, Jaclyn used a Canon Vixia HF R500 camcorder, which was an affordable option for beginners. Despite its limitations in terms of video quality and interchangeable lenses, Jaclyn was able to produce engaging content that resonated with her growing audience.

Upgrade: Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera

  • 1080p video quality
  • External microphone input
  • Interchangeable lenses

As her channel continued to gain popularity, Jaclyn upgraded to a Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera, which is a popular choice among YouTubers and bloggers for its versatility and high-quality video. With interchangeable lenses and an external microphone input, Jaclyn was able to improve the overall production value of her content significantly.

Recent Years: Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera

  • 4K video quality
  • High dynamic range (HDR) video
  • Full-frame image sensor

Today, Jaclyn uses a Sony a7R III mirrorless camera, which is a top-of-the-line camera that delivers cinematic-quality video and images. With 4K video quality, HDR video, and a full-frame image sensor, the Sony a7R III is an excellent choice for content creators who want to take their production quality to the next level.


From her early days as a YouTuber to her current status as a beauty influencer, Jaclyn Hill’s camera equipment has played a significant role in the success of her channel. By upgrading her gear, she was able to produce higher quality content that resonated with her growing audience. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your camera equipment, it’s essential to invest in gear that will help you produce content that stands out from the rest.

Camera Video Quality Microphone Input Lens Compatibility
Canon Vixia HF R500 camcorder 720p Built-in No interchangeable lenses
Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera 1080p External Interchangeable lenses
Sony a7R III mirrorless camera 4K External Interchangeable lenses

Here’s a comparison table of Jaclyn Hill’s camera equipment over the years:

What Camera Does Jaclyn Hill Use?

Wondering what camera Jaclyn Hill uses for her amazing makeup tutorials? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out:

1. What camera does Jaclyn Hill use for her videos?

Jaclyn Hill uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera for her videos.

2. What lens does Jaclyn Hill use with her Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera?

Jaclyn Hill uses a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens with her Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera.

3. What kind of lighting does Jaclyn Hill use for her videos?

Jaclyn Hill uses professional lighting kit made for recording video.

4. Does Jaclyn Hill use any editing software?

Yes, she uses Adobe Premiere Pro for editing her videos.

5. What other equipment does Jaclyn Hill use for her videos?

Jaclyn Hill uses a tripod, microphone, and softbox light for her videos.

6. Can I use the same camera as Jaclyn Hill to make videos?

Yes, you can use the same camera as Jaclyn Hill, but keep in mind that it is a professional-level camera that may be expensive. Additionally, taking good videos goes beyond just the equipment.

7. How can I improve the quality of my videos?

You can improve the quality of your videos by investing in good lighting, sound, and editing software. Also, practice makes perfect – the more you record videos, the better you become at making great videos.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this FAQ helped answer your questions on what camera Jaclyn Hill uses. Remember, the equipment is only part of making great videos. Be sure to practice, improve your skills, and have fun. Thanks for reading, and be sure to come back for more helpful tips!