What Brand of Speakers Does Honda Use in Their Cars? A Complete Guide

Attention all car enthusiasts! Have you always wondered what brand of speakers Honda uses in their cars? Well, today is your lucky day because I am here to reveal the answer. As car audio technology advances, buyers are becoming more aware and picky about the type of speakers installed in their cars. Since Honda is one of the most popular car brands globally, it’s only natural to wonder which speakers they use to produce such high-quality sound.

If you’re thinking that Honda would use its own branded speakers, you’re in for a surprise. Honda collaborates with a reputable audio company, one that specializes in producing high-end car audio systems, namely the Bose Corporation. The Bose stereo systems are known for delivering top-notch, crystal-clear audio with every beat, and Honda is proud to partner with the brand. They even provide Bose speakers in their budget-friendly models, such as the Honda Fit, making premium car audio systems accessible to the masses.

So, if you’re in the market for a new car, consider Honda and marvel at the excellent audio performance of their Bose speakers. Whether you’re a music lover or an audiophile, the combination of Honda cars and Bose speakers promises an unforgettable driving experience. Let’s start cruising down the highway, blasting our favorite tunes on the way. Happy driving!

Honda’s Audio System Specs

Honda has always been known for producing high-quality vehicles that are equipped with advanced features that make driving easy and comfortable. One of the most important features that Honda has focused on is its audio system. The audio system in a Honda vehicle is equipped with several features that enhance the overall driving experience. Below are some of the most notable specifications of Honda’s audio system.

  • 7-Inch Display Audio Touch-Screen
  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Honda audio system comes with a 7-inch touch-screen display, which is located in the center console. The display allows for easy access to all the audio system features, including your music library, radio stations, and Bluetooth connectivity. The touch-screen display is also user-friendly and offers a clear, crisp view of the audio system’s interface.

The Bluetooth HandsFreeLink feature is also an important aspect of Honda’s audio system. This feature allows you to make and receive calls hands-free while driving. The Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to stream music from your phone or other portable devices.

Additionally, Honda’s audio system is also equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These features allow you to connect your iPhone or Android phone to the audio system, enabling you to access your favorite music, make calls, and even send messages using Siri or Google Assistant.

Speakers Used in Honda’s Audio System

When it comes to the sound quality of Honda’s audio system, the brand does not compromise. Honda uses premium speakers from major audio brands to create an immersive sound experience for its drivers. The speakers used in Honda’s audio system vary from model to model, but some of the most common brands that Honda uses include:

  • Alpine
  • Bose
  • Pioneer
Brand Model Used in Honda Vehicles
Alpine SPS-610C, SPR-60C
Bose Premium audio system with up to 10 speakers
Pioneer TS-A1676R, TS-A6966R, TS-G1620F

In conclusion, Honda’s audio system is a top-of-the-line, sophisticated feature that is designed to meet the audio needs of modern drivers. The combination of high-quality speakers and cutting-edge technologies ensures that drivers can enjoy an immersive and enjoyable sound experience while on the road. With a range of audio system brands, it’s no doubt that Honda models produce the best sound quality, providing drivers with crystal-clear, distortion-free sound whether in traffic or on the highway.

Best Car Speaker Brands

When it comes to car speakers, there are countless brands to choose from. However, not all brands are created equal. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a list of the best car speaker brands on the market today.

Top Car Speaker Brands

  • JBL
  • Kicker
  • Infinity

These top car speaker brands are known for their quality and durability. JBL is a household name in the audio industry, known for producing top-quality speakers that deliver clear and powerful sound. Kicker has a reputation for producing some of the best car subwoofers on the market, while Infinity is known for its exceptional sound quality and innovative technology.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Car Speakers

Choosing a high-quality set of car speakers is essential for any music lover. Not only do they enhance the driving experience, but they also allow you to fully enjoy your music while on the road. The right car speakers can make all the difference in terms of sound quality, bass response, and overall listening experience.

When it comes to choosing the right brand of speakers for your Honda, it’s important to consider a few factors such as your budget, desired sound quality, and the type of music you listen to most often.

Honda Speaker Brands

Honda typically uses a variety of speaker brands in its vehicles, depending on the model and year. Some of the most common brands used by Honda include:

Speaker Brand Model
JBL Civic
Pioneer Accord
Harman Kardon Odyssey

While these brands are widely used by Honda, it’s important to note that you can always upgrade your car speakers to a brand that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you choose one of the top car speaker brands on our list or another reputable brand, upgrading your car speakers can make all the difference in your driving experience.

Speaker options for Honda vehicles

When it comes to speakers for Honda vehicles, there are various options available to choose from depending on different models and preferences. Honda has been working with different brands of speakers to offer its customers the best sound experience while driving. In this article, we will explore some of the brand options and features that are available for Honda vehicles.

Top Brands of speakers that Honda uses

  • Bose
  • Pioneer
  • Harman Kardon

These brands have been chosen by Honda due to their reputation for producing high-quality speakers that provide clear and crisp sound. Honda understands that music is an essential part of driving and that the sound should be as good as the driving experience. Let’s take a closer look at each of these brands and what they offer.

Bose speakers

Bose is a leading brand in the audio industry, and their speakers are known for delivering high-quality sound. The Bose speakers used in Honda vehicles are designed to provide a fully immersive audio experience. They are created with the latest technology and materials, making them durable and long-lasting. The Bose sound system comes with a powerful amplifier and a range of speakers placed strategically throughout the vehicle, delivering an optimal sound experience for all passengers.

Pioneer speakers

Pioneer is a well-known brand in the audio industry and has been producing quality speakers for over 80 years. Pioneer speakers used in Honda vehicles are highly efficient, producing clear and powerful sound. They are built with the latest technology, ensuring they are long-lasting and have high durability. Pioneer speakers provide a range of features, including Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to stream music from their smartphones or other devices.

Harman Kardon speakers

Harman Kardon is a top brand in the audio industry and is known for producing some of the best speakers in the market. The sound system used in Honda vehicles is designed to provide clear, precise, and powerful sound. Harman Kardon speakers are made with the best materials, ensuring they can withstand damages and have a long lifespan. The system is equipped with high-quality amplifiers and speakers placed strategically throughout the vehicle, providing a surround sound experience for all passengers.


Honda offers various speaker options that allow you to enjoy music while driving. The three brands mentioned above are some of the best in the market, and Honda has selected them carefully to provide its customers with the best sound experience. Investing in a Honda vehicle with a quality sound system is worth it for anyone who is passionate about music and wants to enjoy it while driving.

Customizing your car’s audio system

Car enthusiasts always look for ways to upgrade their cars, and one of the essential upgrades a car owner can do is customize their audio system. Whether you want to enjoy a more immersive music experience or need a better sound system for your daily commute, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your car’s audio system. Here are some tips to help you customize your car’s audio system:

Choosing the Right Brand of Speakers

  • When it comes to aftermarket speakers, there are many brands to choose from. Some popular speaker brands include Alpine, Kicker, Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, and JBL.
  • Honda uses a variety of speaker brands, depending on the model and trim level. For example, the Honda Civic comes with either a four-speaker sound system or a six-speaker system, depending on the model. The Civic’s four-speaker system uses Pioneer speakers, while the six-speaker system uses both Pioneer and MMATS speakers. Similarly, the Honda Accord comes with either a four-speaker system or an eight-speaker system, depending on the model.
  • Before choosing a speaker brand, consider your budget and what type of sound you’re looking for. Some brands are known for producing crisp, clear sound, while others are better suited for bass-heavy music.

Upgrading Your Speakers

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s speakers, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your new speakers are compatible with your car’s audio system.
  • Consider upgrading your head unit, amplifier, and wiring along with your speakers for the best sound quality.
  • Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper wiring and placement of the speakers.

Adding Subwoofers

If you want to add some serious bass to your car’s audio system, consider adding subwoofers. Subwoofers are speakers that specialize in producing low-frequency sounds, making them ideal for bass-heavy music genres like rap and electronic dance music (EDM).

Subwoofer Size Recommended Music Genres
8 inches Jazz, Classical, and Acoustic Music
10 inches Hip-hop, R&B, and Rock Music
12 inches EDM and Dubstep

Before adding subwoofers, make sure your car’s electrical system can handle the additional power requirements. You may need to upgrade your alternator or battery to prevent electrical issues.

Customizing your car’s audio system can be a fun and rewarding process. By choosing the right brand of speakers, upgrading your existing speakers, and adding subwoofers, you can create a personalized audio system that enhances your driving experience.

Speaker upgrades for your Honda

Upgrading the speakers in your Honda vehicle can drastically improve the overall sound quality of your car’s audio system. But what brand of speakers does Honda use? While some Honda models come with speakers from well-known brands such as Bose or Harman Kardon, most Honda vehicles feature speakers from the company’s in-house audio systems manufacturer, Honda Music Link.

  • 1. Component speakers – Component speakers are a popular upgrade option for Honda owners who want better sound quality. These speakers are designed to reproduce sound more accurately than factory-installed speakers, resulting in clearer highs, more defined midrange, and deeper bass. Some popular component speaker brands for Honda vehicles include Kicker, JBL, and Infinity.
  • 2. Coaxial speakers – Coaxial speakers are another popular upgrade option and offer a simple plug-and-play installation process. These speakers combine a woofer and a tweeter in one unit and are designed to fit into the factory speaker locations in your Honda vehicle. Some popular coaxial speaker brands for Honda vehicles include Pioneer and Rockford Fosgate.
  • 3. Subwoofers – If you’re looking for an even deeper bass response in your Honda’s audio system, adding a subwoofer is a great option. Subwoofers can be installed in your trunk or under a seat, and typically come in sizes ranging from 8 to 15 inches. Some popular subwoofer brands for Honda vehicles include JL Audio, Kicker, and MTX Audio.

When considering speaker upgrades for your Honda, it’s important to keep in mind the size and shape of your Honda’s factory speaker locations. Some aftermarket speaker brands may require custom installation or modification to fit properly. Additionally, pairing your new speakers with a high-quality amplifier can help optimize performance and improve sound quality even further.

Popular Honda Models and Speaker Upgrades

Here are some popular Honda models and speaker upgrades that will improve your audio experience:

Honda Model Factory Speakers Popular Upgrades
Honda Civic Honda Music Link Kicker KS Component Speakers, JL Audio W3 Subwoofers
Honda Accord Bose Premium Audio System JBL GTO Component Speakers, Infinity Kappa Subwoofers
Honda CR-V Honda Music Link Pioneer TS-A Component Speakers, JL Audio WX Subwoofers

No matter which Honda vehicle you own, upgrading your speakers can greatly enhance your listening experience on the road. Be sure to do your research and select an upgrade option that fits your budget and preferences.

Performance Speakers for Honda Cars

When it comes to selecting the perfect speakers for your Honda car, performance is a crucial factor. Honda has been using various high-quality speaker brands to provide the best audio experience for its consumers. Below are some of the top performance speaker brands Honda uses in their cars:

  • Bose Sound System: The premium Bose Sound System is available in select Honda models, delivering rich, clear, and immersive sound quality. The system is designed to complement the cabin architecture for a seamless audio experience.
  • Pioneer: Honda has used Pioneer speakers in many of its models, providing a balanced and detailed sound. Pioneer is known for its quality audio system components and innovative technologies.
  • Harman Kardon: Honda’s partnership with Harman Kardon provides a high-end audio experience for music lovers. Harman Kardon is known for its distinctive sound quality and premium craftsmanship.

The performance features of Honda’s speakers include:

  • High sound sensitivity: The speakers have a high sound sensitivity, which means they can produce a louder sound with less power, making them more energy-efficient and less likely to damage from overloading.
  • Impedance: Honda’s speakers have a low impedance rate (usually 4 ohms), allowing them to draw maximum power from the car’s audio system.
  • Crossover: The speakers are equipped with crossovers that separate the different audio frequencies for optimal sound quality.

Here is a table of some of the Honda models and the speakers they use:

Honda Model Speaker Brand
Honda Civic Hatchback Bose Sound System
Honda Accord Sedan Pioneer
Honda Insight Harman Kardon

In conclusion, Honda’s performance speaker options provide excellent sound quality for music enthusiasts. It is worth considering the speaker brand when purchasing a new Honda car to ensure that you get the best audio experience possible.

Choosing the right speakers for your Honda model

When it comes to upgrading your Honda’s audio system, choosing the right speakers is crucial. There are countless options available in the market, each designed to cater to a specific need and preference. Here are some factors to consider in choosing the perfect speakers for your Honda model:

  • Speaker size: The first thing to consider is the size of the speaker. The size of the speaker must match the size of the speaker hole in your Honda’s door panel. You can find this information in your Honda’s owner manual or by measuring the hole’s diameter.
  • Sound quality: The quality of sound is essential when choosing speakers for your Honda. Ensure that you pick a speaker that delivers clear and crisp audio output. Also, consider the speaker’s frequency range, sensitivity, and power handling.
  • Brand: Honda uses different speaker brands for various models. It is crucial to research and pick a brand that specializes in your Honda’s make and model. This guarantees that the speakers will fit correctly and provide high-quality sound output.

Once you have considered these factors, it is time to choose a speaker for your Honda model. Here are some popular speaker brands that Honda uses:

Speaker Brand Car Model
Bose Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Honda Ridgeline
Harman Kardon Honda Prelude
Infinity Honda Civic, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Honda Fit
JBL Honda Fit
Pioneer Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Honda Ridgeline

Choosing the right speakers for your Honda model can enhance your listening experience and make every drive enjoyable. By taking the time to research and consider these factors, you can pick the perfect speaker brand that fits your Honda’s specifications and complements your music taste.

What Brand of Speakers Does Honda Use?

Q: What type of speakers does Honda use in their cars?
A: Honda uses a variety of speaker brands in their cars depending on the model and year. Some popular brands include Panasonic, Pioneer, and Harman/Kardon.

Q: Are the speakers in Honda cars high-quality?
A: Yes, Honda strives to provide high-quality sound systems in their vehicles and often partners with reputable speaker brands to achieve this goal.

Q: Can I upgrade the speakers in my Honda car?
A: Yes, you can upgrade the speakers in your Honda car if you desire. However, it is always best to consult with a professional installer to ensure proper compatibility.

Q: Will upgrading the speakers in my Honda car void my warranty?
A: Any modifications made to a Honda vehicle can potentially void the warranty. It is important to check with your dealership or refer to your owner’s manual for specific details.

Q: Do Honda luxury models use different speaker brands than standard models?
A: Yes, Honda luxury models such as the Acura line may use different speaker brands than standard models. Luxury models often feature higher-end sound systems from brands like Bose or Mark Levinson.

Q: What is the best brand of speakers for Honda cars?
A: The best brand of speakers for Honda cars is subjective and depends on personal preferences and budget. Some popular options include JBL, Kenwood, and Focal.

Q: What should I consider when choosing new speakers for my Honda car?
A: When choosing new speakers for your Honda car, consider factors such as compatibility with your car’s sound system, speaker size, and power handling capabilities.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to learn about what brand of speakers Honda uses in their cars. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Honda’s sound system or simply curious about the technology behind it, we hope this article has been informative. Remember to check with a professional installer before making any modifications to your vehicle and to always refer to your owner’s manual for specific details. Visit us again soon for more informative and interesting articles.