Unveiling the Brand of Tea that Dutch Bros Use for Their Irresistible Beverages

If you’re a coffee addict, you might not know it yet, but Dutch Bros is the one-stop-shop for your caffeine fix. However, what if you’re not feeling like java and have a craving for something lighter on your stomach? You might be wondering what kind of tea does Dutch Bros use? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Dutch Bros coffee was founded in 1992 by two brothers in Grants Pass, Oregon. Since then, they’ve become a well-known brand that continues to grow across the United States. With their wide selection of coffee beverages, Dutch Bros has also made an effort to cater to tea lovers. However, unlike their coffee, the source of their tea leaves has remained a mystery.

Well, after some deep digging, we finally have the answer. Drumroll, please… Dutch Bros uses tea leaves from the brand TAZO. This well-known tea brand offers a wide variety of tea blends, from classic Earl Grey to whimsical Wild Sweet Orange. No wonder Dutch Bros tea is so flavorful and refreshing. Now that you know what brand of tea to expect at your next stop at Dutch Bros, why not try something new the next time you’re feeling like a break from your coffee routine?

Dutch Bros Tea Blends

For those who have never experienced Dutch Bros, it’s a coffee chain found in many parts of the United States known for its exceptional coffee and customer service. However, not everyone knows that the company also offers tea in its menu. Dutch Bros serves only high-quality tea blends, which are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional taste.

One of the reasons Dutch Bros’ tea is so popular is the variety of blends they offer. They have several tea blends that include:

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Chai tea
  • Herbal tea
  • White tea

Each of these blends is uniquely crafted to offer a flavorful and refreshing experience. If you are new to Dutch Bros and are wondering what type of tea they serve, you might want to try their Green Tea or Black Tea. These blends are popular among customers and are known for their fresh and authentic taste.

If you are looking for something more exotic, Dutch Bros’ Chai Tea might be the perfect pick. It’s a combination of black tea and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger, making it a perfect choice for those who love bold, complex flavors.

Another notable blend of Dutch Bros’ tea is the Herbal Tea. This blend features a mix of herbs, flowers, and fruits, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer caffeine-free tea. Lastly, they also offer White Tea, which is revered for its delicate and subtle flavor.

To sum it up, Dutch Bros serves a variety of tea blends that will cater to everyone’s taste. Whether you are after a refreshing and classic tea flavor or something adventurous, their tea blends are crafted to deliver an exceptional taste experience that their customers keep coming back for.

Dutch Bros Tea Flavors

Dutch Bros, known for their unique and delicious coffee drinks, also offers a variety of tea options for their customers. Their tea selection includes both hot and iced options, and they use only the highest quality tea leaves to create their distinctive flavors.

  • Green Tea: Dutch Bros uses a blend of premium green tea leaves to create a refreshing and revitalizing drink. This tea is served hot or iced and can be customized with a variety of flavors.
  • Peach Tea: Fresh peach puree is blended with Dutch Bros’ premium tea leaves to create a delicious and fruity beverage. This tea is perfect for a hot summer day and can be served over ice.
  • Chai Tea: A delicious blend of black tea, spices, and milk, Dutch Bros’ chai tea is a fan favorite. Served hot or iced, this indulgent and cozy drink can be customized with a variety of flavors and toppings.

In addition to these classic flavors, Dutch Bros also offers a variety of seasonal options, including their popular “Holly Jolly” holiday tea. This peppermint and vanilla-infused tea is the perfect festive drink to warm you up on a cold winter day.

If you’re looking for a fun and flavorful alternative to coffee, Dutch Bros’ tea options are a great choice. With their premium tea leaves and customizable flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Dutch Bros Tea Brand

Dutch Bros uses their own brand of tea leaves to create their unique tea flavors. The exact blend of tea leaves and other ingredients used in each tea flavor is kept a closely guarded secret, ensuring that each drink is a special Dutch Bros creation.

Tea Flavor Tea Type
Green Tea Premium blend of green tea leaves
Peach Tea Premium blend of black tea and real peach puree
Chai Tea Premium black tea and spice blend with milk

Dutch Bros’ commitment to quality is evident in every cup of their delicious tea. Whether you’re a tea lover or just looking for something different, be sure to try one of their unique tea flavors on your next visit.

Dutch Bros tea sourcing

As one of the largest drive-thru coffee chains in the United States, Dutch Bros Coffee prides itself with sourcing high-quality ingredients and teas for their beverages. When it comes to tea, Dutch Bros has carefully selected a brand that aligns with their mission of providing quality products to their customers.

  • The brand of tea used by Dutch Bros is Rishi Tea.
  • Rishi Tea is a premium tea company that sources high-quality teas and botanicals from all over the world.
  • The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices, which is in line with Dutch Bros’ values.

Dutch Bros has chosen Rishi Tea not only for its quality and ethical practices, but also for the variety of flavors and blends that are offered. From classic black teas to exotic herbal blends, Rishi Tea allows Dutch Bros to offer a diverse range of tea options to their customers.

Furthermore, Dutch Bros works directly with Rishi Tea to ensure that their tea blends are customized and developed specifically for their brand. This partnership allows Dutch Bros to offer unique tea blends that cannot be found anywhere else.

Benefits of Rishi Tea used by Dutch Bros:
High-quality ingredients sourced from around the world
Commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices
Wide range of tea flavors and blends available
Customized blends developed specifically for Dutch Bros

In conclusion, Dutch Bros Coffee’s partnership with Rishi Tea allows for a diverse range of quality tea options that are not only tasty but also ethically sourced. Their commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and working directly with their suppliers ensures that they can offer unique blends that can’t be found anywhere else.

Dutch Bros cafe tea versus retail tea

If you’re stepping into a Dutch Bros cafe for a cup of tea, you’ll be delighted to know that the chain uses premium quality loose-leaf tea in its offerings. It means that a lot of attention is given to the procedure, and the cafe’s staff members have received comprehensive training on preparing the teas correctly. The tea is of exceptional quality, and the variety of blends ensures a remarkable taste and aroma in every cup. If we look closely, we’ll find that the Dutch Bros cafe offers ten different tea blends, including herbal teas, green teas, black teas, and white teas.

The experience of tea at Dutch Bros is unlike any other. Every variety of tea has flavors that enhance the taste and bring out the best of the ingredients. It’s these flavors that make Dutch Bros cafe teas unique.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to purchase Dutch Bros retail tea, you’ll find that these are tea sachets and individual packets. These are offered in Dutch Bros’ retail shops and online. Although these are convenient to carry and store, they don’t match the richness and taste of a freshly brewed cup of Dutch Bros cafe tea. The retail tea is perfect if you want to brew your tea at home, but it’s still not the same as the cafe tea.

Benefits of Dutch Bros cafe tea

  • The premium quality loose-leaf tea ensures that you can taste the flavors of the tea leaves in every cup.
  • Comprehensive training provided to the cafe staff ensures that the teas are correctly prepared and brewed at the correct temperature.
  • Excellent variety of tea blends including herbal teas, green teas, black teas, and white teas.
  • Unique and exceptional flavors in every cup of tea.
  • The relaxed atmosphere of a cafe and the excellent service complete the experience.

Comparison between Dutch Bros cafe tea and retail tea

While both cafe tea and retail tea are from the same source and offer an exceptional taste, there are slight differences between them. One difference is the packaging. The cafe tea is loose-leaf while the retail tea comes in tea sachets or individual packets. This packaging difference affects the quality of the tea.

The second difference is the brewing process. The cafe staff members are trained to brew the tea at the correct temperature and to ensure that the tea is correctly steeped to bring out the best flavors of the tea leaves. On the other hand, the retail tea comes with brewing instructions, but the customer brewing the tea may not know the correct temperature, brewing time, or other details. As a result, the retail tea may not taste as good as the cafe tea.

Finally, the atmosphere of a cafe also plays a role in the overall experience. You can enjoy your cafe tea in a relaxed atmosphere and with excellent service. Retail tea doesn’t come with an experience, and the tea brewed at home may not have the same relaxed feel.

Dutch Bros’ Tea Offerings

Here’s a list of the tea offerings available at Dutch Bros cafe:

Tea Blends Description
Green Dragon Tea Lightly sweet blend of jasmine green tea and honey
Green Tea Classic, refreshing, and lightly sweetened green tea
Mirror Lake Tea White tea lightly sweetened with hints of peach and passionfruit
Golden Eagle Tea Robust blend of black tea with honey and vanilla flavor notes
Annihilator Hot Tea Earthy and spicy chai tea with infused cinnamon and vanilla flavors
Blue Rebel Hot Tea Herbal infusion of lemongrass, chamomile, and natural berry flavors
Coconut Nirvana Hot Tea A comforting and sweet blend of black tea infused with coconut flavor notes
Dutch Breakfast Tea A classic blend of black tea, honey, and vanilla flavor notes
Hidden Canyon Tea Aromatic chamomile tea with hints of honey and vanilla flavor notes
Pacific Chai Spicy blend of black tea with infused cinnamon and vanilla flavors

Experience a cup of tea at Dutch Bros cafe, and you’ll never look at tea the same way again!

Dutch Bros Iced Tea Options

As a coffee chain first and foremost, Dutch Bros has plenty of caffeinated beverages on their menu, but their iced tea options are just as impressive. Here are some of the different types of iced tea you can expect to find at Dutch Bros:

  • Traditional Iced Tea: This is the classic iced tea you would expect to find at any restaurant or cafe. It is brewed tea that is served cold over ice, and you can add sweeteners or flavors to enhance the taste.
  • Flavored Iced Tea: Dutch Bros offers several different flavors of iced tea, including peach, mango, raspberry, and strawberry. These teas are infused with natural fruit flavors to provide a unique and refreshing taste.
  • Sparkling Iced Tea: For those who prefer a bit of fizz in their drink, Dutch Bros offers sparkling iced tea. It is a combination of iced tea and carbonated water, which gives it a bubbly texture and a unique taste.

What Brand of Tea Does Dutch Bros Use?

While Dutch Bros doesn’t have an official tea supplier that they use company-wide, they do source their tea blends from various sources across the country. Some of the blends they use include:

  • Good Earth Tea: This is a popular brand that is known for its unique blend of herbs and spices. Good Earth Tea is used in a variety of different Dutch Bros iced tea drinks, including the Peach Tea Rebel and the Cosmic Strawberry Tea.
  • Tazo Tea: Tazo Tea is another popular brand that Dutch Bros uses in their iced tea drinks. Some of the Tazo Tea blends used by Dutch Bros include Passion, Refresh, and Zen.
  • Celestial Seasonings: Dutch Bros also sources some of their tea blends from Celestial Seasonings. This brand is known for their wide variety of herbal and fruit teas, which are used in some of the flavored iced teas offered by Dutch Bros.

How Does Dutch Bros Brew Their Iced Tea?

Dutch Bros brews their iced tea fresh every day, using a combination of loose-leaf tea and tea bags. The loose-leaf tea is steeped in large tea bags, which are then added to a container filled with cold water. The tea is allowed to steep for several hours, which produces a strong and flavorful iced tea. Once the tea has brewed, it is stored in airtight containers in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and cool until it is served.


Tea Brand Type of Tea Popular Dutch Bros Drinks
Good Earth Tea Herbal tea blend with spices Peach Tea Rebel, Cosmic Strawberry Tea
Tazo Tea Herbal, black, and green tea blends Passion Tea Rebel, Refresh Tea, Zen Tea
Celestial Seasonings Herbal and fruit tea blends Blue Rebel, Green Apple Tea, Peach Ring Tea

Dutch Bros offers a variety of delicious iced tea options using high-quality tea blends from various sources. Whether you prefer traditional iced tea, flavored tea, or sparkling tea, Dutch Bros has something for everyone. So the next time you visit a Dutch Bros location, be sure to try one of their tasty iced tea drinks!

Dutch Bros Tea Accompaniments

Tea is an essential part of the Dutch Bros menu that is often overlooked. Besides their signature coffee drinks, Dutch Bros also offers a selection of hot and cold tea options. From classic black tea to fruity herbal blends, there is a tea for everyone. However, as with any tea, the accompaniments to your cup of tea can make the world of difference to the taste.

  • Honey: Dutch Bros offers honey as a natural sweetener to add to your tea. Honey can enhance the flavors of a tea blend without overpowering the drink. Besides being a natural alternative to sugar, honey also offers health benefits such as antioxidants and antibacterial properties.
  • Lemon: Adding a wedge of lemon to your tea can give it a refreshing twist. The citrusy notes can brighten up the flavors of a black tea or complement a fruity blend. Lemon also contains vitamin C, which can boost your immune system.
  • Milk: For those who prefer a creamier cup of tea, Dutch Bros also offers milk as an accompaniment. Adding milk to black tea can help mellow out its bitterness and create a smooth finish. Milk can also lend a velvety texture to herbal blends.

If you’re looking for a cozy and satisfying cup of tea, Dutch Bros has got you covered. However, if you want to elevate your tea-drinking experience, try experimenting with these accompaniments. You might be surprised at the flavor combinations and profiles you can create.

Dutch Bros Tea Selection

Dutch Bros offers six different flavors of hot and iced tea:

  • Classic Black Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Green Tea
  • Chai Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Peach Tea

Each tea option has unique notes and complexities that make them stand out in their own right. Black tea is bold and straightforward, while Earl Grey is infused with bergamot oil for a floral aroma. Green tea is subtle and refreshing, while chai tea is warm and spicy. Hibiscus tea is sweet and tangy, while peach tea is fruity and refreshing. Whatever your preference, Dutch Bros has a tea that can satisfy your taste buds.

Brand of Tea Used By Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros does not publicly disclose the brand of tea they use in their stores. However, based on the taste and quality of their tea, it is likely that they use premium tea blends sourced from different regions around the world. Dutch Bros also takes pride in their high-quality ingredients, so it’s safe to say that they use only the best tea leaves available. Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, strong or light, Dutch Bros has the tea for you.

Dutch Bros tea brewing process

Dutch Bros is a popular drive-thru coffee and tea chain based in Oregon.

While it’s well-known for its coffee, Dutch Bros has expanded its tea offerings, and for good reason. Its tea is brewed fresh daily, and the brewing process is carefully monitored to ensure that each cup is of the highest quality.

So what brand of tea does Dutch Bros use? The answer is the private-label Dutch Bros Blue Rebel Tea, which is a combination of black tea, rooibos, and fruit flavors such as passionfruit.

The Dutch Bros tea brewing process

  • The tea is carefully measured and placed into a tea bag.
  • The tea is then steeped in hot water for a specific amount of time, based on the type of tea used.
  • Once the tea has steeped, it is removed from the hot water and allowed to cool down to room temperature.
  • The cooled tea is then placed in a refrigerator to chill.
  • When a customer orders a tea, the tea bag is removed from the chilled tea and placed into a cup.
  • The appropriate amount of hot water is added to the cup, based on the size of the drink being ordered.
  • The tea bag is removed, and the drink is stirred before being served to the customer.

Dutch Bros tea options

Along with its Blue Rebel Tea, Dutch Bros also offers a variety of other tea flavors, including green tea, herbal tea, and chai tea.

Customers can customize their tea by adding flavor shots such as peach, raspberry, and mint, as well as sweeteners like honey, agave, and cane syrup.

Dutch Bros tea nutrition facts

Dutch Bros’ tea is made with organic black tea leaves and natural ingredients, and it has zero calories and no sugar. It’s a refreshing and healthy option for those who want a break from coffee or sugary drinks.

Nutrition Facts Small (12 oz.) Medium (16 oz.) Large (20 oz.)
Calories 0 0 0
Total Fat (g) 0 0 0
Saturated Fat (g) 0 0 0
Trans Fat (g) 0 0 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0 0 0
Sodium (mg) 0 0 0
Total Carbohydrates (g) 0 0 0
Dietary Fiber (g) 0 0 0
Sugars (g) 0 0 0
Protein (g) 0 0 0

What brand of tea does Dutch Bros use?

1) What kind of teas are available at Dutch Bros?
Dutch Bros offer a wide variety of tea blends that include black tea, green tea, and herbal tea.

2) Does Dutch Bros use a specific brand of tea?
Yes, Dutch Bros use their own unique tea blend that is specially prepared for their stores.

3) Is Dutch Bros tea organic?
Dutch Bros use high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced and are all-natural, but they do not claim to be organic.

4) What flavors of tea does Dutch Bros have?
Dutch Bros offer many flavors of tea like vanilla chai tea, peach green tea, hibiscus tea, and many others.

5) Do Dutch Bros’ tea blends contain any artificial flavors or colors?
No, Dutch Bros’ tea blends do not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

6) Does Dutch Bros’ tea contain caffeine?
Yes, some of the tea blends at Dutch Bros contain caffeine, but they also offer decaffeinated versions of the tea.

7) Can customers customize their tea ordering at Dutch Bros?
Yes, Dutch Bros offers many customization options like adding extra flavors or sweeteners to the tea.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it– Dutch Bros use their own unique tea blend that is natural and locally sourced. Their tea flavors are available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions and can be customized according to individual preferences. So if you’re in the mood for a refreshing cup of tea, stop by the Dutch Bros and give their tea blends a try! Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!