Does Zaxby’s Use Real Chicken? Uncovering the Truth About the Popular Fast-Food Chain’s Ingredient Quality

Does Zaxby’s use real chicken? It’s a question that many people have been asking lately as more fast-food chains are exposed for serving food that is less than savory. But for those who are craving a delicious plate of chicken, it’s important to know if what you’re consuming is truly made from quality ingredients.

Thankfully, Zaxby’s is making sure that they provide their customers with only the best. As a popular fast-food chain that specializes in chicken, it’s crucial that the meat they use is real and not just some processed imitation. Zaxby’s has been around for over 30 years and has built a reputation for serving up tasty, high-quality dishes that people love.

From their famous Chicken Fingerz to their mind-blowing Zax Sauce, everything on their menu is made from fresh, real ingredients. And when it comes to their chicken, they are committed to using 100% premium chicken that is never frozen and never contains antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. With this level of commitment to quality, it’s no wonder why Zaxby’s has become a go-to choice for chicken-lovers all across the country.

Zaxby’s Chicken: The Myth and Facts

Zaxby’s is a popular fast-food chain that serves up delicious chicken dishes. However, there have been rumors circulating for years about whether or not Zaxby’s uses real chicken. In this article, we will examine the myth and facts surrounding Zaxby’s chicken.

The Myth: Zaxby’s Chicken is Not Real Chicken

  • Some people believe that Zaxby’s does not use real chicken in their dishes, claiming that it is made from processed meat or even soy.
  • This myth could stem from the fact that many fast-food chains have been caught in scandals involving the use of fake meat or fillers in their products.
  • Others argue that the texture of Zaxby’s chicken is too uniform, suggesting that it is machine-made rather than naturally cut from a chicken breast.

The Facts: Zaxby’s Chicken is Made from Real Chicken

The truth is that Zaxby’s chicken is made from real, fresh chicken. The company even states on their website that “All of our chicken fillets are fresh, never frozen, and are free from any artificial preservatives or flavors.”

So why does the texture of Zaxby’s chicken look so uniform? The answer lies in the way that it is prepared. Zaxby’s uses a unique breading process that creates a consistent texture, but the chicken is still cut from real chicken breasts.

Zaxby’s Chicken Quality Standards

Zaxby’s prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in their dishes. The company has strict standards when it comes to the chicken that they use, ensuring that it is always fresh and free from any added hormones or antibiotics.

In fact, Zaxby’s even partners with a third-party auditor to ensure that their chicken suppliers are meeting their high standards for quality and animal welfare.

Zaxby’s Chicken Nutritional Information

For those who are curious about the nutritional content of Zaxby’s chicken dishes, the company provides this information on their website. A standard 3-piece Chicken Finger meal contains 930 calories, 59 grams of fat, and 52 grams of protein.

Chicken Dish Calories Total Fat Protein
3-piece Chicken Finger 930 59g 52g
Buffalo Wings (10 pieces) 860 66g 50g
Zalad with Chicken (grilled) 600 37g 45g

While these numbers may seem high, it’s important to remember that Zaxby’s chicken dishes are meant to be an indulgence rather than an everyday meal.

In conclusion, the myth that Zaxby’s chicken is not made from real chicken is just that – a myth. Zaxby’s uses fresh, high-quality chicken in all of their dishes, so customers can enjoy their tasty meals with confidence.

Zaxby’s Commitment to Quality Meat

At Zaxby’s, we take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients in our delicious menu items. When it comes to our meat, we are committed to using real, quality chicken that is raised without antibiotics or hormones. Here are some of the ways we source and prepare our chicken:

Zaxby’s Commitment to Quality Meat

  • We source our chicken from trusted suppliers who follow rigorous animal welfare standards.
  • We use only whole muscle chicken, which means our chicken is made with breast, thigh, and tenderloin meat – not processed chicken parts.
  • Our chicken is hand-breaded and cooked to order, ensuring the freshest, most delicious taste.

Zaxby’s Commitment to Quality Meat

Our commitment to quality meat goes beyond just our chicken. We also use premium Black Angus beef in our burgers and steak sandwiches, and our salads are made with fresh, crisp greens and vegetables. We believe that using quality ingredients makes all the difference in the taste and satisfaction of our meals.

Our dedication to using only the best ingredients has earned us a loyal following of customers who appreciate the effort we put into our menu items. So the next time you visit Zaxby’s, you can trust that you’re getting real, quality chicken and other ingredients in every bite.

Zaxby’s Commitment to Quality Meat

Want to know more about the chicken we use at Zaxby’s? Check out this table below for more information:

Zaxby’s Chicken Conventional Fast Food Chicken
Antibiotic-free chicken
Hormone-free chicken
Whole muscle chicken
Hand-breaded chicken

As you can see, we take our commitment to quality very seriously at Zaxby’s. We believe that using real, quality ingredients is the key to creating delicious and satisfying meals that keep our customers coming back for more.

Differences Between Processed and Real Chicken Meat

It’s important to understand the differences between processed and real chicken meat when dining out or purchasing chicken products. Here are some key distinctions:

  • Processed chicken meat often contains additives such as sodium phosphate, a chemical used to increase moisture retention and extend shelf life. Real chicken meat does not contain these additives.
  • Processed chicken meat may contain fillers and binders such as soy protein concentrate, wheat flour, and modified food starch. Real chicken meat is simply chicken without any added ingredients.
  • Processed chicken meat may come from less desirable parts of the chicken such as the scraps, whereas real chicken meat typically comes from the breast or thigh meat.

Why Choose Real Chicken Meat?

When it comes to choosing between processed and real chicken meat, there are several reasons why real chicken meat is the better option:

  • Real chicken meat is less processed and therefore has a more natural taste and texture.
  • Real chicken meat is often leaner and contains fewer calories and less fat than processed chicken meat that may contain fillers and binders.
  • Real chicken meat is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, while processed chicken meat may have a lower nutritional value due to the added ingredients.

How to Identify Real Chicken Meat

The best way to identify if chicken meat is real or processed is to read the ingredient list. Real chicken meat should only contain chicken, while processed chicken meat may contain several additives and fillers. Another way to ensure you are getting real chicken meat is to opt for reputable restaurants and food brands that prioritize using high-quality, real ingredients.

Real Chicken Meat Processed Chicken Meat
Chicken breast or thigh meat Scraps, fillers, and binders
No additives or preservatives Additives such as sodium phosphate
Leaner and more natural taste and texture May have a processed or artificial taste and texture

Choose real chicken meat for a healthier, more natural option that provides great taste and nutritional benefits.

The Chicken Sourcing Process of Zaxby’s

When it comes to the quality of the chicken served at Zaxby’s, the fast-food chain is committed to using only the best ingredients. That’s why they have a rigorous chicken sourcing process that is designed to ensure that the chicken they use is of the highest quality and comes from reputable suppliers.

The Chicken Sourcing Process

  • Zaxby’s only sources chicken from suppliers that follow strict animal welfare guidelines.
  • All chicken suppliers are required to be audited by third-party organizations to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.
  • Zaxby’s chicken suppliers must adhere to strict standards for food safety, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Local Sourcing

Zaxby’s is committed to supporting local farmers and suppliers whenever possible. They work with farmers in their local communities to ensure that they have a steady supply of high-quality chicken for their restaurants. Not only does this support local economies, but it also ensures that the chicken served at Zaxby’s is fresh and of the highest quality.

Local sourcing also allows Zaxby’s to minimize the environmental impact of their supply chain. By sourcing from local suppliers, they are able to reduce transportation emissions and support sustainable agriculture practices.


At Zaxby’s, they take traceability seriously. All chicken is tracked from the farm to the restaurant to ensure that it meets their strict quality and safety standards. This level of traceability allows them to quickly trace the source of any issues that may arise with the chicken and take appropriate action to address it.

Quality Control

Quality Control Measures Description
Thaw Test All chicken must pass a thaw test to ensure that it is not frozen improperly, which could result in damage to the texture and taste of the chicken.
Cook Test Zaxby’s carefully monitors the cooking process to ensure that all chicken is cooked to perfection and meets their strict quality standards.
Taste Test Zaxby’s employs a team of trained taste testers to ensure that the chicken is always delicious and meets their high standards for flavor and texture.

Zaxby’s is committed to using only real, high-quality chicken in their menu offerings. The chicken sourcing process they have in place guarantees that the chicken used is of the highest quality and comes from reputable suppliers. Their commitment to food safety, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, local sourcing, traceability, and quality control ensures that customers can enjoy the delicious taste of Zaxby’s chicken with confidence.

Raising of Poultry for Zaxby’s Chicken

At Zaxby’s, the quality of the chicken they use is of the utmost importance. This is why they focus on sourcing their chicken from trusted suppliers who raise healthy, high-quality birds. Here’s a closer look at the process of raising poultry for Zaxby’s chicken:

  • Zaxby’s chicken comes from chickens that are raised cage-free, on farms that are certified by third-party auditors to ensure animal welfare.
  • The chickens are fed a diet of high-quality, all-natural ingredients, without any added hormones or steroids.
  • The farms that supply Zaxby’s with chicken adhere to strict biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of disease and maintain the health of the birds.

When it comes to ensuring the quality of their chicken, Zaxby’s takes every possible precaution. They believe that using high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients is the key to providing their customers with the best possible dining experience.

Here are some additional details about the chicken used at Zaxby’s:

Product Ingredient
Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Plate Chicken Fingers (chicken finger meat, water, seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, spices, paprika], seasoned breading [enriched wheat flour {wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid}, salt, monosodium glutamate, nonfat milk, spices, paprika], milk wash [water, nonfat milk, egg], peanut oil [fully refined peanut oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness and dimethylpolysiloxane {an anti-foaming agent added}]).
Zalad Grilled Chicken (chicken breast filets, water, seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, spices, paprika], seasoning [maltodextrin, salt, grill flavor {from sunflower oil}, modified food starch, corn syrup solids], modified corn starch, sodium phosphates), Mixed Greens (iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce), cucumber, Roma tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage), Texas Toast (enriched wheat flour [wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid], water, sugar, soybean oil, yeast, contains less than 2% of: wheat gluten, salt, calcium propionate, calcium sulfate, enzyme), Santa Fe Tortilla Strips (stoneground corn masa flour, sunflower and/or corn oil, seasoning [spices, sugar, salt, corn flour, tomato powder, onion powder, garlic powder, green bell pepper powder, red bell pepper powder, extractives of paprika, and natural flavors], trace of lime), Lite Ranch Dressing (soybean oil, buttermilk [cultured lowfat milk, cream, salt], water, distilled vinegar, egg yolks, sugar, salt, cultured nonfat milk, natural flavors [milk], dried garlic, dried onion, xanthan gum, acidulated monoglycerides [with citric acid], potassium sorbate, and s nzyme blend [dried cane syrup, cultured dextrose, and maltodextrin]).

As you can see, Zaxby’s chicken is made from high-quality ingredients and sourced from responsible suppliers. You can be confident that you’re getting real chicken when you order from Zaxby’s!

The Nutritional Benefits of Real Chicken Meat

When it comes to fast-food menus, chicken is a popular protein choice for many customers. But not all chicken is created equal. Some chains are known for using processed chicken that contains fillers and additives, while others pride themselves on using real chicken meat. Zaxby’s is one such chain that claims to use only real, fresh chicken. Let’s explore the nutritional benefits of real chicken.

  • High-Protein: Real chicken meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein that is essential for building and repairing tissues in the body. A three-ounce serving of chicken breast provides about 27 grams of protein.
  • Low in Fat: Chicken breast is low in fat, making it a great option for those watching their calorie and fat intake. It contains only 3 grams of fat per three-ounce serving.
  • Rich in Essential Nutrients: Chicken is a good source of essential nutrients like niacin, selenium, and vitamin B6, all of which are important for maintaining good health.

In addition to its nutritional benefits, real chicken meat is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. Zaxby’s makes use of their fresh chicken in their popular chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads. The chain also claims that their chicken is never frozen, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality product.

But why does it matter if a fast-food chain uses real chicken? Processed chicken products often contain fillers and additives that can be harmful to the body. They can also have a negative impact on the taste and texture of the chicken. By using only real chicken meat, Zaxby’s is ensuring that their customers receive a high-quality meal that is both nutritious and delicious.

Nutrient Amount per 3-ounce serving of chicken breast
Protein 27 grams
Fat 3 grams
Niacin 14% of the Daily Value (DV)
Selenium 27% of the DV
Vitamin B6 19% of the DV

In conclusion, real chicken is a nutritious and high-quality protein source that can provide a variety of essential nutrients. By using only real chicken meat, Zaxby’s is ensuring that their customers receive a wholesome and healthy meal that is both satisfying and delicious.

How Zaxby’s Achieves the Perfectly Cooked Chicken

As one of the leading providers of chicken-based dishes, Zaxby’s has always strived to provide the best quality chicken to its customers. The question of whether Zaxby’s uses real chicken has been raised several times, and the answer is a resounding yes. Zaxby’s only uses 100% real chicken that is prepared and cooked in-house to ensure freshness and quality. But how does Zaxby’s achieve the perfectly cooked chicken that its customers rave about? Here are seven ways:

  • Zaxby’s uses fresh, never frozen chicken that is delivered to their restaurants daily. This ensures that the chicken is of the highest quality and is not exposed to harmful chemicals or preservatives.
  • The chicken is marinated in a blend of spices and buttermilk to enhance its flavor and tenderness. The marinade also helps to keep the chicken moist during the cooking process.
  • Zaxby’s uses a special pressure fryer to cook its chicken. This method allows the chicken to cook evenly and quickly while sealing in all the juices and flavors.
  • The frying oil used by Zaxby’s is 100% refined peanut oil. This oil has a high smoke point, which means that it can be heated to high temperatures without burning or smoking. It also has a neutral flavor that does not interfere with the taste of the chicken.
  • Zaxby’s chicken is cooked to order, which means that it is cooked fresh each time a customer places an order. This ensures that the chicken is hot, crispy, and juicy every time.
  • Zaxby’s employees are trained to cook the chicken to perfection. They know the right cooking times and temperatures for each piece of chicken to ensure that it is cooked thoroughly but not overcooked.
  • Finally, Zaxby’s chicken is rested for a few minutes after cooking. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, making it even more tender and flavorful.

The Bottom Line

Zaxby’s is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in its dishes, including 100% real chicken that is cooked to perfection. By using fresh chicken, a special marinade, a pressure fryer, refined peanut oil, and trained employees, Zaxby’s achieves the perfectly cooked chicken that its customers love.

The Perfectly Cooked Chicken: A Breakdown

For those who are interested in the technical aspects of chicken cooking, here is a breakdown of how Zaxby’s achieves the perfectly cooked chicken:

Step Method
1 Fresh, never frozen chicken is delivered daily.
2 Chicken is marinated in a blend of spices and buttermilk.
3 Chicken is cooked in a pressure fryer using 100% refined peanut oil.
4 Chicken is cooked to order to ensure freshness and quality.
5 Chicken is rested for a few minutes after cooking to allow juices to redistribute.

By following these steps, Zaxby’s is able to achieve the perfectly cooked chicken that its customers have come to expect.

Does Zaxby’s use real chicken?

1. Is the chicken used by Zaxby’s real?
Yes, Zaxby’s uses real chicken in all its dishes.

2. Where does the chicken come from?
Zaxby’s sources its chicken from trusted suppliers in the United States.

3. What kind of chicken does Zaxby’s use?
Zaxby’s uses all-white meat chicken in its dishes.

4. Is the chicken hormone and antibiotic-free?
Yes, Zaxby’s sources only hormone and antibiotic-free chicken from its suppliers.

5. How does Zaxby’s prepare its chicken?
Zaxby’s chicken is hand-breaded and cooked to order in-store.

6. What chicken dishes are available at Zaxby’s?
Zaxby’s has a variety of chicken dishes, including chicken fingers, wings, salads, and sandwiches.

7. Are there any vegetarian options available at Zaxby’s?
Yes, Zaxby’s has vegetarian options such as the Garden Blue Zalad and the Grilled Veggie Sandwich.

Closing Thoughts

At Zaxby’s, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients in all our dishes. Our chicken is real, all-white meat and sourced from trusted suppliers in the United States. We strive for perfection in every hand-breaded and cooked to order chicken dish we serve. Thank you for taking the time to read about our commitment to quality ingredients. We hope to see you soon again!